Who We Are and What We Intend To Do

Our Mission

ECOville.TO will offer an affordable housing option with a sizeable land component, a low carbon footprint design incorporating elegant esthetics, as part of a community of high-tech, eco-friendly, globally-minded citizens.

Our Vision

ECOville.TO will be a community located on a parcel of land within an hour of an urban centre, providing a variety of eco-dwellings with plots ranging in size from one to four acres. Amenities would include a solar energy farm, Tesla charging station and a common media and innovation lounge where individuals can share ideas with leading thinkers from around the world.

Our Community

ECOville.TO will act as an internationally-recognized model showcasing how a stylish modern eco-village can exist as an alternative to traditional housing developments. The degree of municipal support and community involvement during construction and afterwards will also stand as a meaningful template for others around the world.


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